How to use your website for generating sales leads

It is beyond doubt that the internet has changed the way business is being done around the world. The greatest advantage of putting your business online is that you are able to promote your products and services to a wide range of buyers, both national and international, without spending much on advertising. With the rapid advancement in technology, having a decent website is not as expensive as it used to be some time ago.

However, many small and medium business owners often find that their website is not of much use to them and it is not generating any sales leads or inquiries. This is primarily because having a website is just the first step of online marketing and promotion. To ensure your message reaches the right target customer, it is essential to perform various promotion activities on the internet to broadcast your corporate profile to your prospective clients.

This is where Search Engine Optimization steps in. Many companies have discovered that SEO has delivered them more leads than any other sales channel and are now taking interest in the field.

What is SEO: Almost everyone is using sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing to search on the internet and one of the reasons With countless sites being launched everyday, there are many chances of your site being ‘lost’ amongst the competition. Google has an index that contains more than 25 Billion web pages. It is estimated that Google has a database of 1 trillion unique Internet addresses, or URL’s.

Effective website promotion can help you get your customers find your web site on the Internet out of the billions of web pages that exist. SEO is such a potent marketing strategy is that a small business can compete with, and often outmaneuver a big business.

Here are few steps you can take to use your website as an effective tool for generating sound leads.

1. Professional, not expensive: Some businesses end up spending huge budget on a very technical, heavily animated site when it is not required at all. Start with a decent static website that is professional and covers your products and services properly. As you move along, and if your business requires so, you can even add the facility of taking international and national orders from your website itself.

2. Good Content: It is often said about websites, “Content is King!” Good content not only adds value to your site but also is the most important aspect in website marketing. Make sure your website has good and relevant content which is well laid out. A visitor spends less than 2 minutes in deciding whether he’s going to explore your website further. Therefore look, feel and literature are very important for influencing him. Don’t make your content sound like an advertisement or a photocopy of your brochure, many visitors get turned off with too many slogans, big texts, and flashy designs.

3. Identify Keywords: Another deciding factor is identifying important keywords for your business and sales. Consider an example if a buyer is looking for a Gurgaon based corrugated box manufacturer, he will type keywords like “corrugated box manufacturer Gurgaon” or “corrugated box Gurgaon” in Google or other search engines. It’s these keywords that the search engine looks for in your website. If it DOES NOT find these keywords, it will most likely NOT show up your site in its search results. Keywords and website content are closely related. The more relevant keywords you have in your content, the higher chances are of more site visits.

4. Grab attention: Your website is far more important than your visiting card. People from all around the world might visit the site and form an impression about your company and its products. It’s therefore important to offer information of interest to your target customers. Separate pages on useful industry related information, news, white-papers, frequently asked questions (FAQs), client testimonials, image gallery, case studies etc. not only add weight to your website but also give a favorable impression to the reader. It also helps in adding content to your site, thus increasing your site ranking.

5. Press Releases and Articles: Press releases are a great way to provide useful and relevant information on your business offerings, product launch or any announcements that you might want to inform others about. A professional press release can help you target your niche audience and increase your web traffic. Articles are especially important for niche business, b2b products and services and for promotion of an individual professional profile. Articles leave a lasting impression because they are unbiased and provide useful knowledge on the subject matter. Another advantage of article writing is that you don’t have to wait for a launch or announcement to draft an article; it can be based on a current industry topic, trend, tips or tricks etc. Adding the press release or article to your site keeps your website updated. Many websites offer free press release and article posting service and posting to these sites help increase site visits in a very short time.

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