Looking for Cheap Website designer in Gurgaon ? be sure of the credentials!

There are a lot of website designers who claim to provide cheap websites but in long run sometimes this proves harmful. Before you choose a designer or website developer, ensure you know the following:

1. His Actual Portfolio - don't believe in the complete list, cross check and verify. There are a lot of phony designers claiming someone else's site to be theirs.

2. Complete Address and Land Line Number - don't rely on mobile numbers only.

3. Website - Does the designer have his/her own website? If not, do you think he/she is the right person for making a site for you?

4. Skill Sets - only HTML with contact us form websites are a thing of the past! does your designer use latest XML, JS galleries, action scripts etc.

Don't just choose a web designer on basis of cost, a good website takes time and creativity and time is money! visit http://www.getpromoted.in for professional quality at freelance price.
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