The first step in SEO: Effective Iterative Keywords Research

Any SEO activity should start with good keyword selection since it will form backbone of your website content, the content will ultimately determine your site layout and website page design. Keyword selection for good rankings on google Maps, google, bing etc is quite easy if these tips are followed
1. Research competitor sites
2. Carefully review Google Analytics Data
3. Analyze paid search impressions and conversion volume data
4. Use keyword research tools such as Trellian's Keyword Discovery for reference
5. Analyze inbound links anchor text of competitor sites.
6. Evaluate social sites and look for competitor or industry pages within social communities such as MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIn
7. Evaluate trending tools, e.g., Google Trends, Quantcast
8. Most important, use common sense – think like your customer. Sometimes a less competitive keyword can get you more leads

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