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Nitin Jain, owner of provides answers to basic SEO questions anyone might have on what the hoopla is all about. Are you looking for professional web design and SEO services? provides professional custom web design, dynamic website development and SEO services at freelance cost.  
What does SEO mean?: Search Engine Optimization SEO is a combination of methods that helps for achieving better rankings in the search engines’ organic listings. Organic Listings mean ranking that come without paying to the search engine for sponsored results. SEO is basically can be called as Scientific Sports means many players are competing for top most place for its keyword. It is like entering a sports championship! and to  - drive, training, strength, agility, equipment, discipline, player size, nutrition, coaching, funding, concentration, massage therapy. One is called champion who assembled the best combination and does not matter how well you and your competitors do SEO, there will always be ten websites in the top ten.  Somebody will always be stay at tops as in SEO one just have to be better than each of its opponents. 
 Is SEO spam, or dead? It has been heard since last so many years but SEO has not only grown but now, it is fully developed as an important component of any Marketing Plan.  Are you looking for professional SEO company? provides result driven SEO services. or call us at +91-9899791337
When will the results can be seen? When start a new softball team with all rookies, no equipment, no training, no funding, no discipline, no muscles and no massage therapist and after that hire an experienced coach (an SEO specialist).  How long does it take to win the championship? Many clients want to know that exactly when they will attain good ranking and then they will own it.  Similarly when a team stops playing baseball will fall in the standing so as the website which ends its SEO, results in its down rankings.
I want to be on page 1 when someone types Nokia Phones can it be done? Yes it can be done but a lot of money, lot of time and a lot of strategy is required. Are you looking for professional SEO company? provides result driven SEO services. Call us at +91-9899791337
How much does SEO cost? provides result driven SEO services. Call us at +91-9899791337 to discuss your SEO budget. SEO cost depends upon your competition and how well established your competitors are and what are the capabilities of SEO expert.
Why SEO is so expensive? At, we have economical packages to suit every small or big business need. It is not the fact rather than SEO is just an investment that helps for earning money.  If $200/month is planned for monthly in SEO it does not means to expect to see any ROI during lifetime.
How long does it take to get indexed by Google? Indexing can take place in only a few minutes to few hours. provides result driven SEO services. or call us at +91-9899791337
How a new website is submitted to Google/Bing/Yahoo etc.?  These days there is no need for submitting  sites to any search engines as they can be linked directly already indexed sites. These can be pinged via blog posts and by submitting an XML sitemap.
How website submitted to 1000 search engines? This can be done by allowing self to get sucked in a scammer. BE CAREFUL.  
Can my neighbor who is a Perl, Java and C programmer can do my SEO in his or her free time? This is not right because SEO is a specialty which requires both planning in advance and judgment calls on the fly.  I have seen situations where any of these people have made unfortunate judgment calls that have gotten websites banned from Google or Yahoo because they thought they knew SEO but peoples like them thought that they know SEO at least 20% or 30% of it but little knowledge can proved to be a dangerous thing.
Why should I outsource my SEO? It is pretty that a full-time job helps in keeping upon the changing landscape of the web.  
Does Google hate SEO?  It’s not true even Google offers SEO advice and a variety of SEO tools itself. It’s an ages old myth that Google fight SEOs. Actually the Google employees and SEO practitioners speaks at the same conferences and work together as business partners. Most SEO companies are big clients of Google and also buy PPC ads from Google.
Does SEO mean optimization for search engines spiders not humans? Still some people assume that SEO is used to please only search bots but a good SEO strategy will always look at optimization for users. An important part of SEO these days is stress is given to the content which is posted on blogs and in social media sites.  The Algorithm of the search engines’ is crucial, ignore human beings at your danger. provides SEO services targeted at your end users, we do not spam to get results, getpromoted seo company gurgaon aims to get your more leads, visit us at      
Is black hat SEO legal? Yes - But it is not preferred to practice black hat SEO because clients’ long-term welfare must be valued. Getpromoted seo Gurgaon never follows any black hat seo technique. helps our clients get organic rankings on keywords using all white hat and ethical seo methods.
Which domain to buy (top level domains like .com,, in. co)? The majority part does not believe that TLDs- top level domains make a difference.  But if a business targeted the customers of a certain country they do.  If one having a number of Indian clients, and having a .in TLD makes a big difference ranking at TLD are important for increasing click-through rate.
Do I need a high Page Rank for SEO? When searches are competitive the most important factor is to include a high PageRank and the size of your site. contact us at or for seo and web design
What is linkbait? Link bait is the content which is put on the site which hopes that some other websites might link to it.  Its proper name is magnetic contents.
Do nofollow links count? contact us at or for link building services. Yes, they are counted but less than the doFollow links because they are not able to pass on PageRank.  PageRank is something, but it is not everything. 
Is blog commenting for SEO spam? It has been debated extensively and by bloggers all over the map. On my blog, I look almost exclusively at the quality of the comment and what it adds to the conversation.  Only if the comment is borderline will I consider whether the name makes the comment spammyish or not.
Nitin Jain Gurgaon is leading corporate communications, website design, online marketing and iPhone app development, android app development, blackberry app development expert having more than 15 years of hands on experience on numerous global IT and non IT projects. He can be reached at or
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