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It's so easy to disappoint and drive away your website visitors without even realizing it. The user friendly website and not annoying are two most significant factors for maintaining the successful online presence. Are you looking for SEO services? Contact me at

Some following points are there for assurance that your website is ready for traffic:

1. “Under construction” signs should not be present.: When a promotional message is presented on website people are attracted towards it so nobody wants to visit a site which is holding a welcome message and shows the sign of, "under construction” page. Sending traffic to incomplete website only defeat the reason of advertising in the first place.
Main idea for promoting a message is holding visitors possibly long in order for joining your list or to buy their products or services. It is also not possible to get traffic when a site is promoted which is not ready to accommodate the received traffic.

2. Subscription forms Creation: It is not possible to walk without putting one foot in front of the other same holds fact for mailing lists. Forms should be placed in a major box on your web pages and offer an incentive to join.
-It must be known who you're talking to.
- Answer your prospect's question, "What's in it for me?"
- Ask them to take specific action

3. An easy-to-use navigational system must be included: The fact is that visitors are going to be pressed for time. This is the way of the internet and the more you can do to make surfing your site easier the better. GetPromoted is a leading Web Design Gurgaon company providing custom web-design services. A navigational system make use of understandable links or buttons which leads deeper into your web site and making a sense to the end-user. On the other hand if all fails a site map page should be used!

 4. Smart Work but not hard (Build it one section at a time): If long web site is created rather than use of "under construction pages" that cut off the natural surfing flow for visitors, consider building it one section at a time.

5. Think community!: Nearly most of the peoples like to feel as if they're a part of something special. As being a site owner it is your job to make it as a reality for everyone who is visiting your website.

- Let your personality shine through.
- Offer more than a quick one-liner in your outgoing emails.
- Maintain good relationships first after that sale
- ASK visitors about their pressing problems and try to solve them.
- Adequate community tools must be provided and add to them, repeatedly.
- End users must be educated by providing extra information and tips.

Each person who is a part of portion of targeted market, shares common traits with others in that community.  Due to this it is suggested to build your web site around these shared attributes. 
Earlier than website promotion step it must be sure that your website meets all the criteria listed above to guarantee it is ready for the traffic surge it is about to receive.
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