Things to note Before You Redesign Your Web Site

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It might be possible that your Website was designed since the time when an upstart named Google was just put its foot in the door of the Search Engine market.  At that time, it might have been a great Web site. It might have even had some cool new features like some JavaScript rollovers or maybe even some Flash.

But now the time have changed .Those image rollovers which were used in past were innovative in that time but today these are outdated and now is the time to redesign your website according to new technologies and trends in website designing.

Four basic rules must be remembered BEFORE starting the process of a Web site redesign:

1. Accurately determine what is being wanted from your new Web site and it must be realistic:  A Website redesign project can be big or small according to your business requirements. Occasionally the written content maybe fine and a freshening of the interface is all that’s in order and in some case some Web applications may be required to be developed to take online orders or to allow members log in and registration facility.

It does not matter that what is decided according to your need main point is that you have to accomplish your businesses’ overall objective and increased sales and retaining current customers. Others things are not of such importance.

There is no need to do things in phases.  Many design clients doing the things in this way because it allows them to focus on their immediate needs first.  In case a client may have very poor Search Engine rankings because it’s previous web site was poorly designed and developed and their tags are not good.  Sometimes they also required user forums where the clients can discuss and ask questions.  The 2 phases might be performed for project like this .Initially keep their Web site up to date with the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques and after that the Search Engines when re-indexing their pages, the other features are developed that they want on their site for example member forums etc.

2. Choose a Designer wisely: Choosing o good and right Web designer is clearly a major part of your web site redesign project. Contact Nitin Jain Web Designer Gurgaon. Still some large corporations which are having creative department will outsource this type of project to an outside firm.  The right Web designer will display creativeness and also be context sensitive in which their designs are going to be viewed. 

Occasionally firms which are specialized in only one industry begin to suffer from ‘tunnel vision’ or possibly even lose their creativity altogether because they are no longer challenged with learning new things.

While taking an extensive look at a Web Designer’s portfolio tells you a lot about its work and creativity. 

3. Don’t give in to fads and eye candy: Web Designer’s job is to keep up with the latest and updated software, plugins, trends and design ideas.  Must have knowledge of flash because it increases interactivity and interest that it can add to a static Website page. But the thing is that it works only when it is properly used and best fitted with rest of the Web site. 

4. Remember why you’re doing it in the first place.: It must be remembered that you redesign your Web site because the company wishes to increase its sales and keep hold of its current customers. If single feature of your new Web site does not contribute to that, you need to reconsider why you are doing it.  It’s not enough to just have a facelift every once in a while.  A good Web site redesign can be costly and unless it is directly contributing to the growth of your company, you could easily put your marketing budget to better use.

The most excellent Web site redesigns are the ones which take the company’s ideas and vision and portray in a way to attract visitors, easy to use and memorable. The extra features which you are going to add to your Web site which truly benefit your potential clients and current customers are the ones that will pay off tenfold in the long run.

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