Cloud Wars Begin! Google Drive Vs. Dropbox Vs. SkyDrive

Google vs. Dropbox vs. skydrive
Google’s most awaited Google Drive has been finally launched. It has brought tough competition for existing veterans like Dropbox and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. It’s important to remember that your usage of this service will control your decision of using these drives: if you want urgent Gmail and Google Docs links? Google Drive might be useful. When you require public link access and a place to share, but you don’t really have interest in content creation, Dropbox is an intelligent choice. If your priority is Windows Phone and Microsoft Office compatibility, best option to opt for is SkyDrive. For details you can check out the table and find out what each drive offers you.

Google DriveSkyDriveDropBox
5 GB Free Storage7 GB Free Storage2 GB Free Storage
Paid Plans start from
$2.49 per month  (25 GB) to
$799.99 per month (16 TB)
Paid Plans start from
$9.99 per month (50 GB) to
$795 for minimum 5 users (1 TB) 
Paid Plans start from
$10 per year (20 GB)
$100 per year (100 GB)
OS Support
MAC, Windows
OS Support
MAC, Windows, Unix
OS Support
MAC, windows
Mobile OS Support
Mobile OS Support

IOS, Windows Phones

Mobile OS Support

Droid, IOS, BB

Syncing with Google DocsSyncing with MS Office ProductsTons of adds-ons. Fastest Download

and upload speed

Partial Media StreamingFull SupportFull Support
Max file size allowed - 10 GBMax size allowed 25 GBMax allowed -unlimited from desktop, 300 MB from browswer

So which cloud storage is best?? Google Drive does look promising but I am going to stick to dropbox for now. Its simple, fast. The dropbox search engine talk also gains momentum...CLOUD WARS have begun! MAY THE CLOUD BE WITH YOU :)