Why Search Engine Submission Services Should Not Be Used

Natural Link Building

As a white-hat SEO professional, I have always known that automated Search Engine Submission Services are a pointless waste of time and energy. Do you know now these search engine submission services can also harm your website rankings?

These services are not needed and can even be counter-productive (if they create unnatural links for your site, which would be against Google Webmaster Guidelines).

Many use these services to get their websites indexed and many free Search Engine Submission Services and paid Search Engine Submission Services exist on the internet. Some say they submit your URL to 50 search engines while others claim a figure as high as 350. This is not at all advisable and Google is going to view these links as unnatural link building.

Google is slowly moving to zero tolerance to web-spamming. Updates have been focused on de-valuing automated posting, bulk submissions and other link-building techniques.

Hiring a expert for Natural link building is better option both to get high ranks and quality back links. It is the pure and clean way of building links. Google also gives more preference to websites getting high quality links instead of thousands of paid links. The social media today is proved to be a holy grail for natural link building, where you get an opportunity to link with millions of people and gaining numerous links.

In short:

Old Link Building strategies are passé. To stay ahead in the game, you need to be in tune with these ever changing prerequisites.

If you thought your website could get away with:

• Links from pages with very less or no content
• Similar content for several submissions
• Low quality links from inappropriate websites
• Back Links from sites overcrowded with advertisements
• No inclusion of SMO is the SEO plan
• Low quality articles and blogs as content

This might not be possible today.

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